What we Stand for

The Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia (SHHG) has been active in the country “The Gambia” for more than 20 years. This smallest country in Africa is characterized by a lack of natural resources and is almost entirely dependent on tourism in terms of economy.

The tourist traffic takes place mainly on the coast, which means that the contrasts with the hinterland (often already 5 kilometers inland) are great. Where the hotels and houses along the coast seem to have taken the first steps in the modern economy, the rural area is characterized by poverty and delays in development and education.

Often with small agriculture and fishing in the river that is prominently present in the country, the basic necessities of life are provided for. For medical assistance, the vast majority of the country is still dependent on medical aid stations supported by foreigners.

In its existence the foundation has mainly focused on the areas deep in the Gambia and on the topics education, agriculture, health care and family and social environment.

You can read our current focus in the policy plan.

Executive Committee:

Chairman: Arthur Aalst
Secretary: Ellen Verlaan
Treasurer a.i .: Frans Roffel

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