Vision and Mission


Our vision is that all basic Gambians are provided with basic daily needs such as nutrition, clothing, shelter, education and access to good medical care.


By setting up one-off and continuous projects, we want to contribute to meeting the basic needs of the Gambian population.

We do this (as much as possible):

In collaboration with the Gambian government
Under the control of a local Gambian government
By using attracted funds in Gambia
By allowing the people involved to share responsibility for the project
By using “development circles” *

The projects are followed in general terms from the Netherlands. The implementation of the projects is in the hands of our Gambian branch which has the status of NGO in Gambia.

* By development circles we mean logically connecting or overlapping project areas.

A good basic health care prevents infants and children from catching up with health. Contributing to the creation of schools or supplementing food programs at these schools ensures that these children go through a good basic education. Stimulating agriculture in these areas ensures that there is also a home to eat next to school. Children whose parents have died can be received and raised within our family’s orphan project.

The project areas are connected to each other.

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