The Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia NGO A27 (FHAG), is a non profitable organisation that aims to satisfy the needs of many vulnerable people .It embarks on different projects such as education, health, agriculture. However in education our main aim is to look at the most vulnerable people especially children in different societies. The coordinator Arthur Aalst being so concerned about these vulnerable children and their future came up with an idea and a plan which will save these children from becoming failures and liabilities in their societies.

This seventh project is called THE ORPHAN PROJECT and it’s main target or aim by stating this project, is to ensure a bright future for these kids, who have nowhere else to turn to, by sponsoring their education in all levels from as early as preschool, up to senior secondary school and providing them with all necessary school and home materials like uniforms, books, means of transportations (like bicycles), bags, set boxes, shoes, lunch money, reading lamps or solar kits (because the village has no electricity) etc.  This is to make sure in all possible ways that they grow up to be positive, responsible and productive members of the Gambian society, despite their past.   If necessary we will also support the foster parents, sometimes it’s so hard for them to raise even  their own children. Some orphan(s) from nearby families will make it even harder on them.  Therefore we embarked on a mission to a nearby village called KABEKEL on Thursday 7th December 2017.

We met the ALKALO of the village and the headmistress of the school, we discussed about the issues of these orphans with him, and we met some of the orphans in person and took photos of them and later on asked about their foster parents and their family situations.

Some of these children were abandoned by their parents and are nowhere to be found. And some of their guardians, who happen to be part of the school staff, claim to not even know the real parents of some of these children and some were not in school because their foster parents or guardians could not afford the school uniforms and or  the school fee while others owe the school money and could not settle their debts, therefore the school being a self supporting institution, could not tolerate such. This project is aiming to put an end to this crisis that these (Orphaned) children in this particular village are facing, by sponsoring them with all necessary things.


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