Yesterday, february 20 we, Ellen.Bakary, our driver and myself went on the trip to that village and school. We had to cross the river so we tried to reach the first ferry. Was gone when we came, had to wait for the second. All went rather quick.

After a drive of one and a half hour all together we reached the school in a village about 10km off the main road. From far we could hear the singing of the school kids. Many of them, together with a number of teachers, elderly from the village, the cluster monitor of the ministry of basic and secondary education.

The school looks nice and big. All together more than 1200 school children coming to the school in two shifts. Many of them walking for sometimes even up to 1,5 hour to come and the same time to return home.

We listen to singing, watched scouts performance, and the principal mentionned a list with constraints, like lack of sufficient water, electrcity, Nawec is not available there. Study books, garden tools, the library, all together e big list. FHAG will discuss all these issues with a team from the school, the community and the PTA ( Parents Teachers Association. ) We will see if we can get to a priority list and from there we can make choises. I urged in my speech that we have to work together with all involved. They all agreed on this approach, so we will see in the next coming weeks.

From there we went to another small school some 5 km ahead. Unfortunately we were unable to stay there for a while, so we also has do skip the lunch. Therefor they donated a chicken to us, which we took home. Constaints a this school : Lack of water and the fencewhich was fallen down for long time allready at many sides.

When you watch the video and the foto’s you see what has been written down. We reached home in the middle of the afternoon, tired but very satisfied.

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