Donation of a huge number of curtains in perfect condition

Thanks to the staff of a special school, by the name of PSBLO De Zonnewijzer in Eeklo Belgium,  19 boxes with curtains were donated to the Lamin Health center in Gambia, through interventions of the Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia in Belgium and the foundation with the same name in the Netherlands.

In the school the curtains were put in boxes and from there transported to Gilze Rije in Holland for shipment to Banjul Gambia. Thanks to Cynthia and Rita Deman from Belgium. They transported the 17 boxes to Holland.

The Director Genaral of Lamin Health Center allready send a message to the people involved that the Health Center will be very happy with the allmost new curtains.

Just a way to show that items, if in good condition and usefull can be sent down to the Gambia.

See some photos