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APPLICATION FOR MASTERS STUDY AGRICULTURE SCHOLARSHIP   I am Joanna Badjie, a Gambian by birth. I grew up from a single parent family, my father died when I was at the age of 10 and was raised by my mother who was very sick and finally died, when I reached the age of 16, leaving me and my siblings as orphans. I then took up the challenge to run from one place to another to look for support for our

Borehole in Marakissa Village

The borehole drilled for the Badjie’s Family in Marakissa, Kombo Central, west coast Region for the purpose of agriculture is ready. Water is now flowing everywhere, the family is very happy with it. Now the family is about to start working on the garden. Therefore there is sufficient water source for gardening. Soon the family will be producing a lot of vegetables for consumption. And of course those that are in need in the village will benefit from the garden


Another sustainable action by Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia, active in many activities in the Gambia for over 25 years. The headmaster of Medina Sering Mass Lower and Upper Basic School, a school in a Village at the other side of the river and more than half an hour inside from the highway. The school consist of more than 700(seven hundred) students, with a very nice and Well organized school garden, where the school kids learn to take care of the


Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia together with their Dutch part known as Stichting Humanitaire Hulp Gambia have donated a number of items to the Casa-Gambia Foundation. The FHAG and SHHG  have donated paintings and batik all made in the Gambia for a craft market which was set up by the board of the Casa-Gambia Foundation in the south of Holland. Since some years the Foundations meet from time to time here in the Gambia as well as in Holland. Hopeful this


Here you can read a nice letter from two of our orphans that are under the orphan project for some years allready. As far as the foster parent conceirns these two will also go to the university. Mariamma is now in grade 11 so she has one more year to go to do her final exams. Rose still has to go for some years before she will reach this level When Foundation Humanitarian Aid is adopting a child in the


Together with Albert from Noorderpoort  Groningen Holland, the sponsor for desktops and laptops for schools and students in The Gambia, we visited the senior secondary school in Mansa Kongo ( Tahir Ahmadiyya Muslim Senior Secondary) to see the impact of interactive teaching in practise. After a nice trip, about 120 km inside,  through the beautifull landscape of the Gambia we reached the place by the end of the morning. The secondary school which was allocated together with 23 other senior


  Yesterday, february 20 we, Ellen.Bakary, our driver and myself went on the trip to that village and school. We had to cross the river so we tried to reach the first ferry. Was gone when we came, had to wait for the second. All went rather quick. After a drive of one and a half hour all together we reached the school in a village about 10km off the main road. From far we could hear the singing of

Since so many years FHAG is working in the Gambia sometimes successful and sometimes with failures. Of course, I would like to say. Foundation that don’t fail? The most import is to be willing to look at your failures in order to learn from them. This sort of attitude is just in the benefit of the people in the Gambia. Facing one’s mistakes only make a person stronger ; this has always been a guideline for the work of FHAG


Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia (FHAG) through Noorderpoort College donated 75 desktop computers to the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education of The Gambia specially for the Progressive Science Initiative (PSI) and Progressive Mathematics Initiative (PMI) and 25 desktops to EduKid Gambia Foundation, a non-profit organization whose aim is to teach computer skills to the extreme poor and to introduce computer programming and Robotics the kids.


The Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia NGO A27 (FHAG), is a non profitable organisation that aims to satisfy the needs of many vulnerable people .It embarks on different projects such as education, health, agriculture. However in education our main aim is to look at the most vulnerable people especially children in different societies. The coordinator Arthur Aalst being so concerned about these vulnerable children and their future came up with an idea and a plan which will save these children from

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