Borehole in Marakissa Village

The borehole drilled for the Badjie’s Family in Marakissa, Kombo Central, west coast Region for the purpose of agriculture is ready. Water is now flowing everywhere, the family is very happy with it.
Now the family is about to start working on the garden.
Therefore there is sufficient water source for gardening. Soon the family will be producing a lot of vegetables for consumption. And of course those that are in need in the village will benefit from the garden as well.

The purpose for the initiation of this borehole is to have good quality drinking water for the family and permanent water for the fruit trees and the vegetables that in the end will produce good quality vegetables and fruit throughout the year.
The family wishes to thank the donors for their efforts supporting them with this innovative solar powered water system.

Years back acquiring clean water has been a very big challenge to them especially during the rainy season and certainly for the urban communities and villages that most children have diarrhea from drinking water from these uncovered wells. And most of the times good medicines are not available or too expensive. The borehole is history assures that this side effect is history.