With the help of the Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia and a small number of donors, a borehole was drilled in Marakissa village for the purpose of clean drinking water as well as for agricultural purpose.

This borehole was drilled in January 2019, the Badjie’s family has been working very hard to see that the efforts put in by the donors to drill the borehole was not in vain. The garden is very impressive at the moment everywhere is green, Most of the vegetables are looking very promising. We believe that we will have a bumper harvest looking at the impression the crops gave. Recently Bonuwar has already planted more seedlings, both boys are working very hard to see the family becomes self supporting.The vegetables grown are cucumber, onion, salad, ,tomatoes and green pepper.The nursery just made is Pawpaw.

So once again a big thanks to the donors and the Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia for helping us to become an independent self supporting family.

The pictures will show how nice the garden is already now.