Together with Albert from Noorderpoort  Groningen Holland, the sponsor for desktops and laptops for schools and students in The Gambia, we visited the senior secondary school in Mansa Kongo ( Tahir Ahmadiyya Muslim Senior Secondary) to see the impact of interactive teaching in practise.

After a nice trip, about 120 km inside,  through the beautifull landscape of the Gambia we reached the place by the end of the morning. The secondary school which was allocated together with 23 other senior secondary schools all over the country is a very old school with quite a number if students, well known all over het country.

There we attended a biology lesson in classroom where around 25 students were following the lesson on the smart board. Albert and myself as well as the IT man of the Ministry of basic and secondary education were very impressed by the way students were active in following and answering questions with their remote control.

We all were happy to see the results of the input of good computers to improve the standard of teaching in the country.

We returned home, after enjoying a nice lunch in the school, tired and and happy.

Thanks to Noorderpoort, the Ministry, our driver and all the benefitting students.

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